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03 August, 2006

Sudoeste House one time back inna di area, so mi a say!

'Tis di truth dat Sudoeste mek di massive come and mash up di place like never inna di whole year. Dis time wi a do wey it ever been, an gwaan singin and rejoicing to di soundz a di reggae music. Blessed! Inna di ancient day wey wi a do it same wey, but dis year tis the 10th anniversary an di massive dat a come a long wey fi di festival be feeling moah irie than ever. Inna dis year of 2006, mi a hope di massive go and party lot while keeping dem noses out a di cocaine, so mi a say. But yuh know, daft punk be playin deh, and nuff massive be gettin off. Fi di people inna di house I&I haffi say dis one time: neva behave and go crazy as the days go bambayay, with nuff respect nuff wadada, and nuff righteousness. Neva stop blazin di fyah! Blessed! Selecta Jay, Admiral Jay and alla di reggae Jays mi call miself by.

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